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Since 2000, R & S Computer Services, LLC has strived to fulfill our goal of becoming known for our high-quality merchandise, expert advice, and excellent customer service. Whether you need advice and consulting on the purchase of a new computer system, review of your current system, or a quote on web site design and hosting, we can help your computing environment current in a cost-effective manner.

R & S Computer Services is a full service company equipped to service all your home and business computer needs. Our certified staff will perform these services with pride. The reason our clients have chosen R & S Computer
Services is they can be assured satisfaction by our staff, for a job well done.

R & S Computer Service can provide our clients with a pick up and delivery,
or on-site service for their PC's. Our Promise to our customers;

We will be there every step of the way.... until success is achieved To treat customers like family The experience will be smooth, easy and at times fun We will do this with unequaled passion Honesty is our best policy

Our technicians have been servicing small businesses, organizations and residential customers in Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia for over 15yrs. R & S Computer Services deals with some of the largest vendors in the United States for all of our computer components. These locations have been statically placed for their resellers' convenience. We only use the NAME BRAND components that you can trust. {for more information.....}

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