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Since 2000, R & S Computer Services, LLC has strived to fulfill our goal of becoming known for our high-quality merchandise, expert advice, and excellent customer service. Whether you need advice and consulting on the purchase of a new computer system, review of your current system, or a quote on web site design and hosting, we can help your computing environment current in a
cost-effective manner.
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As technology continues move forward at a high rate of speed, our certifed staff can offer a wide range of options for our residential and business clients. We have the knowledge and know how to repair and maintian your Windows and MAC based computer systems. {for more info}

Web Design

Today, the World Wide Web is the fastest growing low cost form of advertisement and
R & S Computer Services feels that your presence on the internet can help you reach your company's goals. Selecting the right desig3n staff is critical to portrating the image and ideas your company represents.
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